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As we all know, obesity plagues our country in more ways than one, causing body dysmorphia, depression, low self-esteem and confidence and more. Here at Gentle Giant Care LLC, we are offering you a second chance at life, helping you to lose the unwanted weight, ultimately giving you the confidence you lost, a cure to your depression, and new healthy lifestyle. With this program however, it is expected that you are all in on your health. It's time to invest in you! We are here to guide and keep you accountable. You want the change? We are here to help you achieve that change!

We have designed a weight loss plan for patients in Metro Atlanta who have developed unhealthy eating habits, habitual or subconscious food cravings that have not been successful at achieving an ideal body weight despite trying different methods.

Body Measurements
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Tried & True Weight Loss Program

Our medical weight loss program is a tried-and-true success, and our primary mission is patient satisfaction helping them reach their goal weight. The goal is to teach patients how to take control of their health. The goal is for patients to learn that eating healthier and making better choices is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.


The weight loss program can involve FDA approved weight loss medications, hormone optimization, nutrition and health coaching, and a complex, yet easy to use, web application where patients can track their calories, exercise and weight loss goals allowing the practitioners and health coach to monitor your progress. This approach allows you to succeed in losing weight, even when you may have never seen a loss before trying other weight loss programs. You can visit our office in Atlanta, GA or have an online consultation.